The moon will be back in the morning...

I gave up the light,
for an evening-
she leapt out of her dress
and headed for southern plains.
I head North,
drove until I was tired
and drove on through the night.
I needed no sleep,
but wanted to rest and listen.
We can be connected wherever we are,
no tears tonight,
I will be back in the morning.

I must choose my words carefully,
the sensitive ones hurt-
if I describe in cruel and violent words
to express what I have seen,
what I cannot shake and spit at,
my phoenix is aching
and I will continue on.

I wish for no more tears,
no more stains
or accidents.
I want to shake free the beast,
for a moment.
Tell me a story,
of your past
and I will try to keep the conversation
light, though I can’t see in here
taken into dark, every night-
I will burst forth anew,
again and as usual.
No more pain and tears,
I beg of you,
my lions of light,
you are excellent and exquisite,
just the way you are.

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