She got lost in the wonderland I made for her...

You had an interview
with the red dragon.
Sex was in the air,
though I was 600 miles away
I had not gone fucking lame-
heartless cold queen
had not lost her touch.

Your head was a holocaust,
seizures giving way
to ocean depths,
viking ships I would set sail.
So many visions
I went blind
from camera flashes
and lightning.
She still got lost
in the wonderland I made for her-
Stupid doll. 


  1. I had a past life dream during the time of the french revalution. I remember having this dream and woke up thinking, this is weird.

    i knew from reading a lot about Marie Antoiette she had a very frivious life and spent money laviously.

    Well in my dream I had taken this white rag and i had taken this rag and had wipped the side of the guiltine with her blood. I remember i was very sad in the dream.

    SO not to long after words i went to a used book store and got a book on Marie printed in the 1950's. It told of a man named Maingot.Who was a second hand dealer . Which happened to document about this man who was found to have a bloody hankerchief or Marie Antoniettes blood .

    There is also Buddidst ( spelling) priests that go around to differnt countries and find young children that say they can recall lives before there own. These "lives" are documented by priests and kept.
    This was a lector given by a man who was a priest that teaches at Berkley U.