Fright Sex

My monsters
ate me every night
as my body
sat silent,
but my spirit
fucked off
to wrap its legs
around you
and whisper sex
into your earth
while my hands
rocked you hard.

And it was
oh so goddamn easy
to soothe the other
but seemed impossible
to talk myself
back into my bones.
So instead,
I stayed the ghost
because I was the fright

and not the frightened.


I will not prance around
for you.
Wont be your pretty pony.
Cute on demand
was not my style.
I burn.
I bleed.
I believe in something
more than this havoc wasteland.
Fairies frolic on the ferris wheel,
lizards lapping up the…
I get so distracted.
I want to know
what this strange heaven
tastes like,
what the angels do
in their down time,
or if theres any meaning

to anything at all.

The Music

I started to wonder
how many moons
I had spent
staring out of
hospital rooms,
hospital rooms,
hospital rooms, 
hospital rooms,
dizzy still from
the smells of a self
dripping out of a body
as the IV drips
under the skin.
And someone had told me that
these are the best days
of your life
yet I groan to the bone,
so I turn that one song Im digging
all the way up
til my body thumps
in time with the beat,
put that shit on repeat

until it’s just me and the music.

Get Twisted

Get twisted,
fuck shit up
without apology,
make dirty mistakes,
slurring syllables
into nonsense,
stumbling round
in the dark,
bumping into the
disgruntled furniture
that was trying to sleep,
getting frostbite
from locking yourself
in the goddamn freezer again,
embrace the hot mess kingdom.

Then dig deep into the earth
with bleeding hands,
your howls
heard to Neptune and back,
cold sweats,
faded nightmares,
rough sex,
finding heaven
in a breath
through ribcaged lungs
before hell
awakens her hounds
with laughter.

The Murder of the Jack of Hearts

The Jack of Hearts
was hanged for murder
in the wings of the theatre
whilst the symphony played,
and even though
I screamed I was alive,
climbing down from the rafters,
I wasn’t heard over
the percussion-

And just because
you asked
doesn’t mean
I was going to comply.
I’m not in the habit
of following directions.
I formed my path alone
with fire and
a dripping hunger
to go deeper,
into the earth,
into the water,
re-learning the nature’s tongue,
letting go of the past’s masks
and coming back
into my body

from all directions.

Monster Me

Was I the monster
that you’d been
looking for?
All scales and spit,
fire and wit,
sex and breath and truth:
no wait,
that’s a violent lie,
more honesty, Megan.
There were sorrow
and satire truths,
sweet and supple
sprinkled with saucy sensual
half truths,
all mixed between surprising
soaked sacred truths.

I don’t know,
maybe I was tired
of everything being
upside down,
tilted on crooked horizontal lines
that went out into
the universe
with such an arrogance
about their immortality
that the goddamn gods
had to come from
all corners
of the stratospheres
to demonstrate
the colder side of living forever.