The Queer Couple goes down the rabbit hole.... Welcome to the Tea Party. (Poetry)

This channaler transvestite/transgender person comes to you from Tom Waits underground:
I call all bar drinkers, dancers in the dark, poets leaning on wallstreets and alleyways,
musicians in New Orleans, you voodoo spirituals, Sex Magic.
I take you through our journey we had one night in the tempest,
the storms and teeth biting.
We commune together tonight to invest a little time in queering gender
in one person, we meet together in these crevasses in the underworld,
feminine and masculine in one, ice and fire in one, light and dark in one person.
I live in the present, a phoenix rebirth from ashes, I come to my senses.
I feel the shadows searching for light,
energy throbs deep inside me wanting u to drink it out of me, at first,
and then burst, in flashes of glory and vibrant bolts.

Eyes are open and the fountain draws near and we drink to health and happiness,
culture and dissonance from that culture, years lived and moments in the present we press ever onward.
We want to share with each other, something intimate- more than just life itself, but kinship and respect,
pulse with furies passion,
tears of divinity
and closeness are shared between two people
and there was glory all around.


  1. This is so fucking beautiful, it gave me chills.

  2. Wow. I keep reading it and getting something different each time. Very deep and creative and with an emotion that is not easy to explain at first. I think I'll go read it again....

  3. Thankyou for the feedback!
    Megan and I did this while doing an energy/dancing/astral exercise. We hope it taps into something.

  4. I very much enjoyed this--very beautiful.