Poem: Machine Generation

A call against the machine generations to come:
I saw the future,
unearthed to me by tunnel vision.
I can’t see straight as it is,
vertigo shifted my thoughts to machines.
Bound and gagged
I watched the pulleys and screws,
talk to each other in other tongues.
I felt cheap.

Anti-Cyborg Manifesto
spilled out of me
as easily as the peace movement,
same difference.
Cut Angel -
I saw lives to be lost,
minds and bodies,
tossed aside-
their performance was no longer efficient.

Body bags in the snow,
outside of apartment buildings,
homes where flesh,
though haunted,
lived and gave breath
to help someone somewhere, I hope.
I will be happy now though,
to sit on the floor,
and write this on a computer.
Technology has its benefits indeed.

I will not wake up
and find a machine,
sleeping next to me in bed,
I will protest that.
I would rather fight with a being,
than sleep with a machine.
A little work should be involved in life,
I feel,
and love as well, we could imagine.

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  1. That is like totally gross and morbid at first then all of a sudden I get what it means! LOL! Very good...nice turn of play....