Bloodstream Bounce

Ghosts in the orchestra,
sex with strangers
in the teenage basements
of friends houses,
requiem delights unsung,
metaphors kept in lusty lofts,
cuming twice in 14 minutes,
brushing light touched lips
on the delicate inner thigh,
inducing an eager moan,
the walls were painted red and seemed
bored and out of perspective.

I watched you in the air,
tristes and anarchy,
monster awareness,
circus appetite,
slow seduction to hell,
the Moon's pleasure awakened,
tiger left standing
in the dark weeping
through its sawdust teeth.

Does not the shallow child's play grow weary?
Sloppy stereotypes,
and oh my god
did you see who was who
was where and what was how was why?
And blah blah blah,
barfing into car front seats
on the way home, and
you ended up
so predictable that I wanted to leave and
then forget you
under mmm so soft fleece blankets
with absinthe and stroking skin,
yet I felt a hint of raptured beauty
again in your mouth
though I had sworn you off my skin
like a virus,
yet here I was,
crawling back into bed with you
at 4 in the morning
like an addict
rummages through
the medicine cabinets
of neighbors and friends alike.

And in the depths,
we were beauty creatures,
Panting life and sex and liquor thumping
to freedom and erections,
being each other in the night,
swapping spirits,
turning round and round erotic,
giving in,
dancing liquid,
we fiery souls of old,
yearning for rythmn,
magic vibrates and
we lick it in while our pulsing bodies beat,
groaning low,
living holy,
taking the gypsy heart out for a
waltz round the ethers,
tasting pleasure,
dripping and then soaring
through the bloodstream
and back to bed.