"Show me your teeth" (Lady Gaga lyric) Sex Poem

It was underneath the pyramid,
that my serpent hid- waiting and wanting
energy urges you awake.
Need is relentless and owns
pathways to deep rooted senses,
you imagine fucking hard and slow.
Trying to restrain- you touch yourself anyway,
 and the furnaces ache and
are found in the darkness under.
Give in with me and remember that we are
cool, calm and collected until the music deepens,
heat seeping into all corners of your body,
hard to keep the breath steady.

I wanted to feel my spirit sink into your base spine,
coursing through, I come over you
and take the sacrament given.
I am taken and unfathomed,
hands seek to unearth me.
you cry out and sigh within yourself,
testimony of your body tense and surging to life.
Restless, you beg for sex scenes,
coursing together like a fucking hurricane
you shake and press into me- rhythms become melodies.

Your mouth, dry and asking
to taste my throbbing pulse-
I let you take me in your mouth,
lips sucking and tongue moving
to the desire of my head-
thumping out my every resistance,
I let you take control.
My desperate wanting cries could be heard by divinity.

Let the moon seek you out,
kiss you and follow
the beats down your neck,
biting and giving life to astral sex and sin.
Hard, I melt and burn
 and we rise together,
Come undone. 

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