Enough of this madness. I will bring us out of the rabbit hole.

I felt ruled by an energy,
that I could not really explain,
in words.
I will struggle again,
strive to explain,
that when you bleed-
so do I.
Enough of this madness,
we come out of the rabbit hole,

No, my therapist did not
tell me to write this note.
I write due to a calling I feel,
a vocation for now.
Another pressing need,
I have to write it down,
try to express,
tell you-
anywhere out there,
that things we be alright.

Can you hear?
Are you listening?
I will chill us out,
calm us down,
take some of this pain and strain away,
I will not leave.

There are ghosts everywhere,
all wanting attention,
in every room I walk into,
it seems.
Can be tiring sometimes.
It seems this kind of thing
runs in my family.

I have needs shouted and whispered,
people need a lot sometimes.
I give until I crash,
it will work itself out.
No worries,
ladies and fancy fellas.
Love is a deep and tricky thing.
Ah well, the game of chess continues
in our absence, ever ticking. 

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