Keep the Calm

Give me a rhythm
miss lovely,
to sing you along
into pleasure fires that
glow and burn in
the bottom of the belly,
tease out moans
new spontaneous,
bursting forth
from long ago
dusty lungs.

Get me a beat
a bass line that
thumps my spine
back and forth
just right,
and the drums
that pound my
sweet head
into space.

I was death’s
time keeper,
sitting in the eye
of the hurricane,
and slow,
to keep the calm.


It poured tears,
drenching skin,
from the weeping whales
that floated through space
and time alone knew them well.

25 years,
25 years, 
25 years,
Ive known you,
then lost you
dear one,
with tumors and
in chemical type fires,
but feel your presence
in the ethers,
even yet.

Could I not just go
to wonderland
and stay forever,
This earth makes my
spirit weary.
Without top hats
and coffee toasts
in my periphery,
oh fuck,
how to grind my teeth
hard enough to bare it.

Hot Weather

Don't underestimate 
a fucking Phoenix,
we are used to habitual burning.
She will hold you tight
in her womb
and let you feel her 
light fire lips on
your skin, 
then shivers
and thrusts you
down in between
her legs
for a taste of humanity
and ancient syllables,
with electric riots and
licking madness,
she ejects you out
into the starlight
and sings her
lonely song
in the hours
ticking towards
that tantrum dawn.

I was awake
when you whispered
in your dreams
the loves and curses
you'd seen
in other lifetimes
almost forgotten,
sensory details
and peach margaritas
to chill out the mood
we ache to remember.

You Asked My Thoughts

I gave up on time,
kept getting stood up
by the reaper.
I was left sitting at the bar,
at all the wild hours in
high heeled boots 
and fishnets, 
corset and that 
skirt you like
slipping your hands
Could I fuck you
in my sleep,
just the way I like it
and confess secrets
in the morning
over coffee
and the sound of
slippery rain?