Walking in Between the Air

Walking in Between the Air

I wish I could stop the screaming.
I want freedom from the tyranny of the astral world,
the spiritual world has been taken over
and its leaders seem cramped and claustrophobic,
all crumbled up in the closet.
I will not inject strychnine,
nor morphine or heroines.
I have had enough of this blasphemy.

Let’s re-script and re-inscribe
with new Jesus walks.
Empathy had it’s place,
in every moment of my life,
a good lesson to learn,
and patience for things to come.

I want to burn the barn down,
start over with new stages and pages,
a different play to perform,
this one is a bit too close to home,
hurts the skin to see it so.

I can’t stay in the basement any longer,
it is time to see the sun again.
I am ready.
If I came up,
through the ashes,
the burnings and scars,
the ice water, hot water,
vapors that choke thin the breath,
air squeezed through a tube.

There just seems to be blood everywhere I look,
in dreams,
in movies,
in life.
There is just too much death
and talk of sin.
Let us be people:
complicated in chaos theory,
redefining our frames, funnels,
Keep your head looking up.

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