A lesson in Awakening: Megan's story for today heh

A lesson in Awakening:
            Awakenings are happening everywhere, at rapid paces and in the oddest of spaces. Revolution is only an eye’s blink away, starting from within and burst out of you like fire-breathing dragon bursts out of a theatre (the production was not a very good rendition of any play you fancy but hate when the actors massacre the thing: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (a musical that I love but would hate to see some group ruin it), any lame version of anything King Arthur (I hate this), etc.

            So we are fire-breathing angry dragons, out of our shells and free to roam. Where do these Awakenings happen? They happen while waiting for the subway in New York and you hear the most painful beautiful rendition of “Sittin on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding. The smile is taken off your face (just for a moment) and you realize that the world can be cruel and ugly, though beauty always surpasses (in my opinion) the negative. 

You just have to keep your eyes open for the small and the beautiful. Awakenings happen on a day (almost like any other) when you step out of the shower and look in the mirror. This is it. What are we here for? What are my goals? Who am I? Tis big shit to handle. That’s alright though, walking down the street, seeing the rain pour down outside your window, beauty in small measures as well as big.

            Co-option is a scary thing. I just want to warn you of this. Do not let yourselves be co-opted by things if at all possible. Co-option is alright if you have a plan to counteract. If you need/want to play the game, then you do that. I just want you to know that there are some ugly people out there that I have fought in dreams and just get weary. I know there are parties to be had and riots of the mind to attend, but it can be hard to fight back these shadows alone. 

I do not want this blog to be attacked for being unfeeling or unappreciative of all sorts of awakenings and persons of any queer, weird, thinking differently at all from the machine. I do not mean any offense. This is my personal experience. I can’t help but ache for your problems and your pain. Trust me my fellow psychics, queers, people in any kind of pain, turmoil of the soul or the body (I experience both so I get that). I just want you out there in the cosmos to know you are not alone. 

I put pop references (though these people can appear extreme- ) in my blog so that you can feel that you are not alone. Pop media people (some of them) feel your pain as well like Lady Gaga, . This is not just some stunt for attention. This is an honest exposure of myself, the individual that I am and how I feel about things.

            Just tread carefully because our words and our thoughts and ideas have shapes and ideas of their own. Shapes and shadows are good as long as you have a bit of control over them... I have seen dreams turn into nightmares many a time so I just want to warm on that front. Be prepared for that (don’t give up the project altogether...) 

No, that would be blasphemous at this point. So much good work being done, sun finally shining through dark red curtains. I thank you for your heart and applaud all of you who have written on this blog, written and posted somewhere to get your thoughts out loud- I congratulate you on your bravery. But I tell you there are monsters lingering in the dark yet to show their faces and it will be quite the brilliant battle. I look forward to it, Thank you for letting me share in your journeys and you share in mine.

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