New Seas and Serpents

She said
keep to the left,
just out of
eye’s reach,
let the energy
be the thermometer,
forget all other weather
for time doesn’t have
a move to make here,
no room for him
on the chessboard now.
He wasn’t wanted.
focus on the breath:
and slow,
and deep.
Create the space
and begin.

Your feet
nestle into the mud,
reaching down with your toes,
your roots to the core of the earth
where fire breeds its own.
let it
Ground you.
Move you.

Feel your hips
slip in between
the air currents
speaking in sex sighs
and protection spells,
billowing art and heaving breaths
out into heaven
creating stardust.
make it
Freak you.
Feel you.

Heart speaks loud.
She throbs and pounds,
thrusts herself
into others
with a red run healing
that circles and swirls magic
around holy bodies,
laughing and screaming joy.
feel it
Bleed you.
Be you.

Head heavy
with prophetic visions
and unconscious drivings.
demand it
Give you.
Grieve you.

Her head is so full of sticks.
His head is so full of stones.
Their heads are full of tones and tensions,
stories and sirens
that cause the world to
glow and howl forth,

creating froth, new seas, and serpents.


And I wonder
what the moon wants
as she rises,
and why I start
so many poems with “and”.
I think it’s because
I’m scared of
endings and beginnings,
but the middle
makes me feel safe
like blanket forts and
hiding in closets
which I still do
sometimes when
I miss my dad and my brother,
when the world
seems so dark it might
even swallow the moon
in one big bite.

I like the cold because
it doesn’t remind me of drowning
as most everything else does,
at times.

“Write what you know,”
they say.
Ive noticed
my stomach hurts
when Im angry and
my head hurts
when Im stressed
but knowing this
doesn’t seem to change
a goddamn thing.
Knowing isn’t enough.

I saw you
look up from your phone
and stare at me
so I stared back for awhile
until our brains called
us away to our facebook posts-
our techo-reality,
which slumped us over
and sucked out
our eyeballs
like thick milk through a small straw
until we saw
nothing at all
except stars on a screen.

And the moon
was forgotten,
the page blank,
the earth ungrounded,
the sea calling out to us
yet left unheard,
the cancer spreading,
the end of the world,
unless knowing
became doing
and we looked up
in time and laughed and
then sighed,
holding hands
through the night,
shaking with anarchy
on our mouths,
screaming into the naked dawn


Inappropriate Questions

To be honest,
I thought
some of my questions
were inappropriate for the masses:
why do humans
gotta be so fucking predictable?
You want, you get, you leave.
You want to go shopping cause you
have to be getting and going all the time
to buy and produce
and buy and produce
until you throw up
train tracks and gold.

And why can’t I eat my feelings?
Whats so wrong with that?
Why did I
have to explain myself
when I say no?
Why did my voice
get drowned out
by the fancy loud talkers
and their stupefied dope friends?
Why do people only start caring
when you end up in the hospital?
And why do I feel like I must
whisper about my madness,
feel ashamed and guilty
when I cant get out of bed?
What’s the point in hiding who we are
and when we are struggling?

Tantrums and spiders,
spitting out cold hearts
and scissors,
we walk on wood and glass,
we crave each other
and often chat with strangers
in coffee lines,
laugh together
with bright eyes smiling,
and fuck one another
with a knowing
that we die
and are left to the rain.

Language of the Storm

Did the river speak to you, love?
What did he say?
Well all I heard was screaming so
I hitched a ride
on a hurricane
to learn the language
of the storm
but ended up
in the space between
the lightening and the thunder,
howling like
a fucking prophet on pills,
a saint, naked, without his halo,
a soldier lead to slaughter

in a war that could not be won.

Sun Sighs

The clowns in the graveyard
went south for the winter
and I watch them
whilst they drift past
my window,
smoking hookah
still in hand.
And as I look beyond
their laughing story makeup
to the glowing clouds overhead,
I see the sun
pretend to circle
the earth with a sigh.