Resetting the Clock: 2012

shaken free of shape shifting
I come back to this plane for now,
dull in color and shadow.
I want to feel no obligation
to oblige you.
human sacrifice was weakness,
swollen lips set to throat
and pounding.
What? stop staring.
Was I suppose to give you a god damn alias?
Fucking chalk written on your wall?
what can I do but shake
water off my hair in the shower.
I was the cold chill
coming up for air
giving the astral world a new name
resetting the clock

We are forced into freedom
faux and fickle.
I just ache to want to believe you.
Breath, breath, breath
give up and relax. grit my teeth to hold back.
Cut in two.

My God, My God.
I can’t be who I am in the dance of the kingdom
set in stone
no one survives the reality of the mirror.

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