Trans queer erotic poem

I will search you over,
find your talented areas and let them
release their power,
in front of me.
Forget your wants and needs,
all that will be given to you in time.

Vampire raves came merging together
with the dirt messy trembling
that leaves you breathless every time.

Loose your mind to steam air,
dripping to the west,
we can forgive each other til the dawn of man,
again rises to the front of me
and demands my time and power.

Start the melting,
wax on fingertips.
The wrecking and filthy hot twilight
summons the mouth to water,
the service can begin once all are assembled,
hunger needs me to stop only
for a gasp, moans gave in to the silence.

Exhibition is an art form as well as writing,
pushing the boundaries of clarity of mind and madness,
mouth and legs open up to curve around you.

I will take my time,
and make you wait until you beg.
I do so like to hear that tone in your voice.
Honey, kinky knows my number- just saying.

I find the pulse in your throat,
your hands and wrists, lips.
Pulling at me like a high
that makes my breath slow, my teeth ache,
my blood pumps harder through me,
I want to feel your energy inside me-
completing the electrical circuit,
fucking sparking inside me.

Waking the witch,
I move and lay dripping to the east,
for fortune arouses the vampire awakening.
The last supper with sex and creation.
Lift me up and take me down,
live inside a moment, and learn again
why you remember me in the morning.

It was the raven watching in the rafters,
that made me nervous.
Red eyes turned dark,
save me from my nightmare dreams,
stay up with me and hold me,
sometimes without warning,
hard and fast we go again
to the trans sonic field.

Take off your clothes,
grinding up against the shower wall,
water soothes the aches of the body,
relax into me.
I can feel you behind me.
Turn on your hands to the curves
of my movements,
your bones thumping against mine
fucking is its own religion,
salvation is coming.


  1. Oooooh, lawdy! *fans self* The last two lines are excellent.

  2. ooooh good!