Live Erotic

Hostaged dragon
writhing and coiled up inside
the fire-breathing lust
of a woman,
my hands trembled
with pleasure and fury,
hurricane gypsy with
her tangled tormented wings,
pinned to her sides with
bloody bobby pins,
weeping howls
from the one-eyed
moon which gave way to
sex sounds and
absinthe drenched fairies
winking in her wake.

Mmm in reality,
the fall felt fucking good,
to let go of the future
and give in,
a miserably sweet surrender.
I opened my lungs back up to your breath,
pulses pumping,
twisted moon ravished
me on the mountaintops of
your deepest dreams,
the ones
of course,
that you don’t even care to remember.

I craved you in
my sleep,
though I kept my mouth shut,
glint in my eye,
dripping tongues
left me hopelessly helpless
only till morning,
when you dawned on me again,
and I woke up radiating wrath and
dangerous spells I learned
at the beginning,
when magic was alive and waltzing through
our veins with a vengeance.

This was no time to be silent,
Im afraid,
that time has come and gone.
We act now or die.
Rise and reveal,
delve and direct
your senses to the earth and
all her secrets,
infinite orgasms and awakenings,
healing hands and metaphors,
take hold,
live unique, exotic, erotic.