I Was

I was
music out of sorrow
and sick,
to be seen
as blood drips
out of my mouth
and in all
my magic mayhem.
I was told I was a force,
a storm,
a gathering of
an ancient soul
and a crying child

to be heard.

Money Man

Sick mouth mesmerizes,
pretty doll tantalizes,
silly boys drip down walls
for the prettiest girl in the room,
and in the morning
the monster eats you
for breakfast
without a worry.

Third eye revolts
from your head,
(because you weren’t
paying attention to her anyway)
and she finds the nearest pub
to get trashed in and
makes out with strangers,
leaning on lampposts,
fucks in the garden,
next to the river,
then wakes up in the morning naked
with a crowd gathering,
and she craves to loose her mind
to sex appeal

and the money man.

I Forget the Rest

Birthing the hunter,
I spent my nights
ever running
from you,
my secret monster.

And I saw
the pain flit
across his
pretty little face
and felt a tinge
of compliance
because I couldn’t
soothe the ache
out of you.

Ah well, at least
she keeps her promise
to be a cold queen,
snow on eyelashes,
still life carousel,
dogs in the dungeon,
manic music
that sits in your
hip bones
until even breath
is a requiem.
And even when you didn’t approve,
I burned the whole
goddamn house down anyway
with my fire body sizzle.
Start over Stardust.
Breathe Deep.

I forget the rest.

Crazy and Light

I was lonely,
the kind of lonely that
makes you cough and
sticks in your lungs.
Was it just
the way my head
tilted the “real” world
so vastly
that made people
snicker and stare
as I walked by and
my friends
roll their eyes at my ponderings
and say with a sigh,
“You are just in one of your
monster moods.”

I felt a deep sense
of walking freakshow
which seemed to make people
uncomfortable and me angry
and awkward as fuck.
Goddamn, I wanted just once to blend
into the wallpaper.

when Death showed up
outside my window
I paid her
three jack of bleeding hearts
to stay here
for just a little while longer.

And even though
each of us is just
a cluster of atoms
that likes hanging out
with each other
in a human sphere
of crazy and light,
I knew I’d miss
this temporary home
between the stars

and the crust of the earth.