Liquor Affection....

Sweat and candor
mixed with the pleasure of the room,
the pounding sensation
you get in your stomach,
You feel the energy lift as you
turn your headphones towards your hands
and imagine the throb of anyone
against you.
Feeling light headed,
dizzy from sex and dark rooms,
pick your poison
give in to the landscape,
bodies folding in and out of each other.

I dare you to whisper in my ear,
stand behind me in a crowded room,
learn and give a little something to the night.
The pulse in the back of your throat,
coursing through your brain and blood,
through your body on energy high,
liquid can be licked out of the air,
the dripping bodies make us pound together.

Secrets will be kept and told,
soft hungers are succumbed to,
the howls and moans will be heard
in churchyards everywhere.
Up against any wall,
I let the hair fall in my face and
my eyes darken.
You want to try and change me?

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