Ocean and Teeth

The ocean sighed
with deep reverence
and liquid,
razor teeth
biting through
the bones and blood,
the spirits opening
one eye each,
in rapid succession,
teasing out
our earthen pleasures
to the sultry
sounds of
moon drinking,
dancing naked,
incense wrapping
round ya,
listening ghosts,
quiet subtle muses
rocked back and forth
to the music
in my head,
radiating lust
and a strange serenity,
some sort of magic
must be working through
these winds that caressed
old and lonely
in their
righteous heretic
eyes locking,
senses raptured up
to high priestesses
in the mists,
and the road laughed
to greet us
as we were,
just that,
nothing more. 

Tempt Me

Tempt me
to rise,
thrusting towards heaven,
insight and orgasm,
heading us
ever upward and onto
cosmic pathways,
astral erotic planes,
great schisms of breath and space,
the sacred thought
and the beloved tangled language,
gender binaries
slashed like tires
in the hot sun,
pleasure celebrated
instead of pathologized,
vilified masked dolls
in their prison cells
which are, of course,
cleverly disguised
as free thought,
with the help of
the sadistic media and pills
spewing toxins.

Disease weeping,
I tried to find
words of comfort
for those poor befallen
and painted horses,
sad boys and
their clinking glasses,
ice and pure kink,
fucking so deep,
he was cuming up
through the brain,
out of the third eyes
of the prophetic,
then birthing transcendence,
holding your
ravaged mind
in my womb,
safety for a second,
before exorcizing
you back out,
through your mouth,
bones to the street,
down the overgrown dirt path,
to the stream
and into the river. 


Apologizing fragrances,
the curious coffeepot
did a short
foot ball change
and re-called
her past lives:
snorts of limes,
lactating tits,
voices with pins,
quagmire scandals,
voluptuous sodomites,
rallies crowding
the streets
with bright allusions
to gritty truths,
ode to the mirror
and the monster
found there.
Magicians getting
at barbershops in kansas,
coffiners leaning on posts,
taglines of sexual experiences,
bizarre antihistamines,
lazy eyes
dabbling too long
on toads bulging,
cement gods cradling
cold bloody sparkling gold,
miracles and their makers,
scotch and vomit,
flagrants and their
dope parties,
masqueraders in
bondage makeup,
whores in the alleyway,
talking bout
hurricanes in texas
smoking cigarettes
on their lunch breaks,
heaving high heals
above one’s head,
but really,
trying to blind
my eyes out,
from the fucking noise.

Oh honey,
I dreamed in truth
of subtle softness,
light touches
with loving pants
in the rhythm to the
rocking waters.
Aw come now,
be Free with me. 

Cthulhu's Footprints

I dream
so often,
in blue green
and sea colors,
tempests flowing and
foaming at the mouth
drowning down on me
like a rage
as the mists
settle their disputes and
flit back to
the caves found in
forests that
lay just out of sight.
I saw the bones from
unmarked graves
rise up in
dollhouse dancing,
coughing up hell
and haunted ash
for a moment,
then cuddled back down
into the earth,
with sighs like sirens
and their shipwrecked sailors.

Sorry for the misery,
oh to lose my father
left me breathless
with sorrowful feet,
vampire leans and tendencies,
hot candlewicks,
smiling and winking down
on crop circles,
frosts and
humming winter winds
that woke up
the blood,
rushes of nightingale songs,
cthulhu tiptoeing
down corridors,
serpents and their
luscious dripping fangs,
enthralling me,
drifting over and under,
carrying me away
from my weary head.