Supernatural Moon

Mmmm and ooooh,
today seemed
fucking ravenous,
with winks from
the supernatural moon,
that kind of
deep down in
the belly,
feisty dragons
sitting in our stomachs,
getting angsty
and ferociously impatient,
twitching and
skirting round
dark forest trees,
that taught us
everything in
reverent whispers,
between radical
silences and
plastic-tempered dolls
with burning eyes
in prison cells,
glowing red
and wrathful in
sex and
The desire to
fall head first
into pleasures,
kinky universes,
full of juices,
raging prophetic cunts,
soaking delicious
sucking tits,
biting necks and nipples,
fucks with
hard gospel cocks,
first and second
helpings and
surrenders of all
our insecurities,
our self-loathings,
our trust issues
n such,
thank goddesses and
the paranormal excellence
within us.
To moan out
the sorrow,
into the ethers,
as opposed to
the lonely gritty
that slit our wrists and
caved us in
on ourselves.
Enough paranoia for now,
strokes instead with
subtle seductions
would fit so nicely now,
snug tight round
my aching hips,
slithering in my
peripheral visions,
tempting me back to
my natural mystic jouissance,
the light
pulsing out of me,
throbbing with
the heat
and the night. 

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