Inhaling (wrote 4/17... this morning)

a deep long
I took time in my mouth,
and held her there,
upon her request,
she exorcized her demons.
I gave birth to
words and sex
in my sleep,
dripping down tongues
of sailors,
come to flirt
with the earthen shore,
for a brief
delicious interlude,
though the ocean
always calls them back,
as ever,
and shedding a tear,
I missed them and
their one mistress,
the sea.

I felt the fires
in the bellies
of women
and fucking
loved them for it,
miracles and absinthe,
lust and cum and
all twas lovely,
in the midst of
tornados and oh those
sad bombs,
and I just wanted to
hold your bones
with my heart.

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