Living Hope

Taking deep long breaths,
letting that ocean
of live energy
overcome my chakras,
Im taken to other
planes in my dreams
n visions,
stock rates shouted over
the hallelujahs of our most precious
the truly awakened,
your broken bones
ever dancing
in the rain,
I remember you, and
through the pain
and tears shed,
we live to jive juicily along
to connect,
to summon good and
Goddess light,
love round us,
through us.

I wanted to birth
some sparkly
spectacular hope,
in the crowded
angry street,
through the grit and
the grime,
envelop love on
top of your skin,
so hard,
you and I
could forget
who we are separately,
since separate is illusion anyway,
just for a second,
opening the universe,
and ourselves
to the holier heaven
that here on earth,
is possible.

Out damned demons!
I cast you
soak yourself in
your own fears,
if you must,
for I will have
none of it.
I can see a better
way to live out,
someplace in the
snows of Michigan,
standing in the
cold sun,
there was a memory
of home,
and happy,
and hopeful fairies
landing in
twisted skirts
and spirits laughing,
witches and our soups,
thank you
for your wisdom,
rhymes and riddles,
listening more,
learning faster,
hush now lovely,
the light is coming.

This is dedicated in memorial of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
April 4 

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