Apologizing fragrances,
the curious coffeepot
did a short
foot ball change
and re-called
her past lives:
snorts of limes,
lactating tits,
voices with pins,
quagmire scandals,
voluptuous sodomites,
rallies crowding
the streets
with bright allusions
to gritty truths,
ode to the mirror
and the monster
found there.
Magicians getting
at barbershops in kansas,
coffiners leaning on posts,
taglines of sexual experiences,
bizarre antihistamines,
lazy eyes
dabbling too long
on toads bulging,
cement gods cradling
cold bloody sparkling gold,
miracles and their makers,
scotch and vomit,
flagrants and their
dope parties,
masqueraders in
bondage makeup,
whores in the alleyway,
talking bout
hurricanes in texas
smoking cigarettes
on their lunch breaks,
heaving high heals
above one’s head,
but really,
trying to blind
my eyes out,
from the fucking noise.

Oh honey,
I dreamed in truth
of subtle softness,
light touches
with loving pants
in the rhythm to the
rocking waters.
Aw come now,
be Free with me. 

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