Cthulhu's Footprints

I dream
so often,
in blue green
and sea colors,
tempests flowing and
foaming at the mouth
drowning down on me
like a rage
as the mists
settle their disputes and
flit back to
the caves found in
forests that
lay just out of sight.
I saw the bones from
unmarked graves
rise up in
dollhouse dancing,
coughing up hell
and haunted ash
for a moment,
then cuddled back down
into the earth,
with sighs like sirens
and their shipwrecked sailors.

Sorry for the misery,
oh to lose my father
left me breathless
with sorrowful feet,
vampire leans and tendencies,
hot candlewicks,
smiling and winking down
on crop circles,
frosts and
humming winter winds
that woke up
the blood,
rushes of nightingale songs,
cthulhu tiptoeing
down corridors,
serpents and their
luscious dripping fangs,
enthralling me,
drifting over and under,
carrying me away
from my weary head. 

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