Tempt Me

Tempt me
to rise,
thrusting towards heaven,
insight and orgasm,
heading us
ever upward and onto
cosmic pathways,
astral erotic planes,
great schisms of breath and space,
the sacred thought
and the beloved tangled language,
gender binaries
slashed like tires
in the hot sun,
pleasure celebrated
instead of pathologized,
vilified masked dolls
in their prison cells
which are, of course,
cleverly disguised
as free thought,
with the help of
the sadistic media and pills
spewing toxins.

Disease weeping,
I tried to find
words of comfort
for those poor befallen
and painted horses,
sad boys and
their clinking glasses,
ice and pure kink,
fucking so deep,
he was cuming up
through the brain,
out of the third eyes
of the prophetic,
then birthing transcendence,
holding your
ravaged mind
in my womb,
safety for a second,
before exorcizing
you back out,
through your mouth,
bones to the street,
down the overgrown dirt path,
to the stream
and into the river. 

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