In the Mist

Mmm hell yes,
harkened back to
my wise mother,
and loving Ireland,
ghost father,
delicious madhatters,
the songs that
reminded me of
green hills
and hope,
mists on top of mountains,
fog that made me
feel forever in a flash,
woke me up,
seeing the way out,
of the hole in the ground,
move on and
dig in so deep,
back into the earth,
to remember
what the purpose
of all this pain was,
in the midst
of such deep chaos,
madness and monster,
sex and violence,
means and matter,
waves of energy
pulsing round on bodies,
thumping out
beats and rhythms,
goddess and nature,
cum and sweat,
breath and re-birth,
dances with vamps
at midnight,
kisses with teeth,
rough and hard
then soft and subtly supple,
life and her curves,
her cycles.
Fuck death drives
and the kings of fearful-dom,
let us be different,
for once,
and divine. 

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