Evening Rain

I hungered for the rain,
come wash over me,
and aint it funny….
life and her clouds,
his hands,
the sky so beautiful
it made me shake with joy.
At this moment,
I decided to
let the calm n warmth n
peace float in
through open windows,
down walls,
seeping through the
cracks in broken hearts
and mirrors,
found round
my room,
when the sun shone
with pleasure,
in vibrating reflection,
wanting for company,
in the intriguing early hours,
when I was awake now
more and again,
and the world cuddled up
on me different,
kinda fuzzy and
lil bit cozy,
in the dawn,
with cups of
dark roast
and the sparkling
twinkles of sounds
that lifted me up,
cardinal sighs in the twisted
trees that talked
with me,
in hope and hushed tones.
Thanks you kindly,
for hanging round,
even without words,
just stutters,
fresh delights,
blushes in the dark,
scribblings on soft pages,
tantric visions,
leaving us holier than
we came,
with perhaps
a few bruises
along the way,
but oh,
the road was lovely
even in the evening. 

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