Anarchy Body

Giving gentle thanks
to the bright blood
that sings daily
outside my window,
the trees teaching
me earth breathing,
I felt the ancients with
their old ground n
fire languages,
soothe my aching skin,
sleep deeply,
for even just
a breath,
then the world glows alive
with resonance and wicked beauty,
made me yearn for something

And look,
I know you
with rolling eyes,
deep sighs,
slurping down
beer bottles in
kitchens with
cow motifs and
casual heroin,
cups and saucers,
daydreaming in
wrathful colors,
squirming round
in your sleep,
damn honey,
the lonely starting
to fuck with you,
start seeing strange creatures
crawling through even stranger
seeing lies instead of truths,
weeping willows,
blah blah blah,
shut your goddamn head up,
if you can,
dances in the dark,
headphones and
cats and tears on pillows,
wrapped up snuggly
in heavy blankets,
amidst a heat wave,
to wreak out the
memory of touch.
such weary aching
and untapped sweet magic
could change the world,
if we could just
get out of bed,
in the morning,
with vast
coffee cups
scribbled poems,
tattered clothes,
let us tear our masks off,
show our bloodied noses,
our busted eyes,
our broken eardrums,
and those scars
tell a history,
experiences survived,
they don’t define
your future,
my dear.

Sunshine stepping,
We unveil,
standing naked,
in our tears and
beat down bones,
we commune
in light and love and pain,
then to awaken,
anarchy bodied,
divinity dancing
out the tops of our head,
through our fancy fingers,
deep throats,
weak elbows,
bent knees,
healing feet.
Come in.

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