The Red Queen Speaks....

Chapter Five

The queen in her trial of alice was set to music by Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker in a midst of a thunderstorm. The queen was waiting with her heals up on the bar and waits and waits and is getting in impatient! Ahh! She howls and the king, small and feisty.

Alice, thrashing about, trying to leave this cauldron of freaks and geeks. I have extra teeth, I have extra says the mad hatter, hats and hats and hats among them. The mad hatter appears in red font and is extra annoyed today. You are leaving us without saying goodbye? Are you mad? I think not. You are not going to leave us today from this earthen-ish place. We love you. Miss you much love and wish you could stay awhile. Would you have another cup of tea? Stay a minute? Please?

Alice says to the court, I will stay through the trial and then go home.
The queen screams, the sentence, the sentence! Alice replies in disdain, verdict first... '

sentence after.... The queen turns red and says off with his head! The king says, ahh queen now, be patient... can’t we have a trial? a little one? And the queen replies ahh yes, well get on with it, I have shoes to buy and lunches to attend to. The king calls for first witness. The mad hatter approaches the stand, as he is want to do on many occasions. Through good and the bad and the bit ugly....

The march hare goes first. The rabbit asks what do you know about this horrible event. And to this the march hare replies: nothing what-s o –ever. Whell, that is very important then. Jury write that down.

The mad hatter steps up next to the scene to perform a most magical and serpent-like game with the queen. I am a hatter, sayth he, and to this the queen replies: Oh, goodness well, I did not mean to turn you from your duties. The Mad Hatter replies, “oh, no harm done... we will just have a spot of tea before we all get on our going ways”. Out comes the cups and saucers, the cakes and teas, the fruit and pie and wonder of all wonders of food.

So they all sit awhile and dine, they talk on the weather and whether the weather man would be joining us anytime this evening. We discuss politics and the economy, from androgyny shows to masquerades and games that reminded us of home. It was fun once again in the land of wonder, for a short time, which seemed a long time and a short amount of time together.

You dance and trot about and sprain your ligaments, you drink and improv crash through ceilings. It was really the same, you and I, on this weird and awkward winding road (here we break out into the Beatles with their song... “the long and winding road, that leads...dum dum dum....that leads to your door.....”) So we relax, and chill it out and write a memoir and do wel,l ok in everything else. But we like this sort-of daydream state.

It is so much easier to deal with life when you stay in the wonderland place. Who is the mad hatter in the real world? I am, but who is me. Me is someone that I am trying to remember by writing this blog. Who am I in that world?

How do I function as mad in the world of the real. I do not know, but it sure as hell has been an interesting ride. Jordan is Alice, I know for sure. The white queen being Rachel. Noah being Cheshire (also being my dad) and dog. Mom being the dormouse, etc. We need to wake up. It is time to
bond together and shot in unison. Maybe we will be heard.

The mad hatter ponders all of this in her mind as she eats another cheesecake and macaroon cookie. The storm is coming and she can feel it in her bones. But our story does not end here. There is much more to tell and dwell back and mention again and then there is just more to it then that. Here we start to learn about ourselves and what we are willing to sacrifice and for whom? How far are you willing to go? Want to keep falling with me?

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