second chorus.... tic tok

The sheep scatter and hound at the sun while the queen of hearts rules once again in the land of wonderland. Wolves, wolves, wolves everywhere and not a drop to drink. Give me striknine or death said the mad hatter and his friends. We hate it hear where the rainbow ends.

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I shall jump through the looking glass once again says the mad hatter to himself, and he took off with a flash to find alice again. Back through the mirror he climbed and into our world where masks are on tight and no one knows who none really is... They keep time here, stick to the clock and your hat and your set. The motion of the time will keep you on track. As the moon in our world sizzles up to the devil and gives him a wink and a sigh. She floats back down to the ranch and hitchikes down the road again.

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The androgeny of the mad hatter and alice was so interchangable, that it was hard to tell who was whom in the world of the real plain. Both oozed out the trappings of feminine and masculine that is did not really matter which one was what or what was which one. The hatter was both as was Alice.

So, let us say, that the mad hatter ended up stuck in a female body and alice got stuff in a male body this time. It's weird, I know, but those are the cards played- you can bet your aces with was the queen of hearts that sent them.

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Ahh well, another time and another place, we shall see if we can get it right once more. Back to the way the shananigans used to roam around, but for now we are stuck in where we are. Too bad, so sad, and moving on. We happen to fall in the story as a three siblings. Ahh, well such as it is. So, this is a hard quest to understand the queen and all her wrath against alice. Not good they scream, not good. Thus the mad hatter asks alice again, come to the tea party and we will show you the way.

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I've got my trusty doormouse, the cheshire cat, the white rabbit, and the march hare with me and they've all come to say 'ello in a very british accent. Let's have tea and cake and raspberries while we chat and discuss the hookah on the left and the disappearing act on the right. Play the piano then mistro, if you please, call the moon down with us for some tea. We shall, we shall, the gospel choir calls out to the raven and the writing desk.

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We sit and chat awhile, politics, space monkeys, twins, freaks, geaks, streets, new orleans, dave matthews, tom waits, lady gaga, britney spears, Kerli, A3, coldplay, kubrick, Jonny Depp, Tim Burotn, Coco rosie, Kate Winslet, CSNY, Bob Dylan, Ginsberg, T.S. Elliot, James Joyce, Helene Cixious, Justin Timberlake, Christina Auguelra, and so forth...

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ya know... the family. How are the kids? How's the wife and new baby... Guess who I saw at the market, guess who was wearing prada, guess who got a divorce, a better attorney, a new and bigger house, and we laugh a bit and say, ah well, that's showbiz...

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Organic Milk that does not taste as good as Mayfields but still costs 8 dollars...

NO, I do not mean to imply that all the people on this list do that-at all. But there are one or two I wonder about who might have said yes a few times when they should have said no. Be careful there. I know that money and tea and raspberries and wine are great... I know it's a fun ride. But ya can't totally sell your soul to the real.

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The real isn't hanging around that much anymore. We've moved on to another plane...of Alice and tea and torts and tortoises and griffins and turtle and beasts of all sizes and HIgh Priestesses and devils with hermit and the universe. Learn to split them apart. They do not own you my friend. You don't owe them a damn thing.

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So you move on and you talk, breathe it out a little, you ain't hurtin nobody. You calm down your fires of inferno and you chillax a moment. Don't worry yourself for two seconds about your car phone or your gas bill or your stud earrings basking in the glow of glitz consumerism...  You just chill on by for a minute and talk about matrydom and talk about androgeny. I think

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it is time, my fool, my alice, my Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland People, to wake up ladies and gentle pansies and stand up straight and make your choice. Where do we end and where do we begin? Which of you is me and which of you is I? I know not. I know that time is ever ticking and you wasting a lot of time on loose drinking and queens and duchesses with flushes and ruffles trying to pry your attention on the real, the now, the fool, the jump, the rabbit hole,

This mad hattering was brought to you by: Tim Burton's new movie that I am seeing tommorow: Alice in Wonderland.

time is ticking away and you are losing the battle with the queen.
It ticks away
ticks away

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