The Devil is standing on the moon today...

The Devil is standing on the moon today,
I saw him earlier when I left my apartment,
looked up and wondered:
do other people see this?

The circus is playing
loud in my eastern portion
of my brain today.
The sheep are dancing
in the northern part
of my mental health,
just today and yesterday.

You, as well as your teacup, sir,
are spinning and I can’t hear you,
even when you jump up on the table.
Let us just play our instruments aloud
and speak in tongues,
Russian maybe for starters.

I can tap him out for you
on here,
I wish though that
you could see how
I twitch and cower
as I write this one:
The animal is let out of her cage,
the audience cringes
to see what they want to ignore.

I just want to slump
to the nearest bar and meet
up with friends I don’t have,
make some new ones,
sing awhile and get a group together,
do an album of sorts.

Caroline, I miss you
and your soft hair, lit up skin
like fireflies going the foxtrot,
smart clock towers and such,
good timing when it came to traffic,
hard to un-love, so far impossible.

Let’s haunt our skeletons again,
chase away the blue skies,
the suns and bring in the night,
the cold becoming us,
steal and ice storms.

Once I saw two slain horses,
on a road to a farm,
some where
indeed where the rain reigns red,
blood in the pantry
and two sad soulful animals
left in the road.
No one is talking so
I gave a wink to the piano chair,
and we started to rain down
on the small crowd that gathered.

Frost came from drunks on the sidewalk,
and the coffee drinkers
at all of the nearest 24 hour diners,
sex was whiskey in a bottle,
one cup,
some times ice.


  1. Monday, March 15th, tonight is a new moon, the first of spring, and according to the bible the first law given to Moses to observe/celebrate the new moon which also started the new year