The Wandering Jabberwocky Catches My Eye

Chapter 6

The wondering wandering jabberwocky was once just a young boy with cells like you are I, a woman on seventy-third and chester street in downtown manhattan.

This jabberwocky, was full and bright with light and glory like any of the other characters that are at our tea party but gets toxified along the channels and angered violence, the mean and cruel finally turning himself into his own monster, poor silly thing.

This mad hattering was brought to you buy: tea pitchers. They are giant and have a lot of beverage in them, but I want the beverage in a glass, not a tea pitcher.

Not plain good or bad, but complicated as many of you young mad hatters are indeed and as well. No worries, my friend, the jabberwocky was once you as well. But, along the way, perchance- you catch a deathly virus, or drink blood, chew each other out in classrooms, cubicle painters andd organizers, managers and so on. We all are messy.
So we fellow Christopher Lees, Angry Inches, Stanley Kubricks,

George Bush (once he fully came into his viscious self- not like these others listed who were just like you and me) etc.

Have no fear,
I understand your struggle, you kings of the Netherlands and beyond

The weather changed slightly, and we all became insane with rage and violent tendencies... it is alright, we understand you. Life is really hard sometimes and if you are not paying attention, you will miss it. Tis one thing to feel the anger as it raves through, tis quite another fornication to let the anger turn you into a beast of machine and violence... oh what weeping when I saw this happen over and over, pathetic waste of time and management... So the Apocalypse is coming, eh? Fear and factors, paranoia leading to disillusioned aggression towards the ones you loved, once.

This mad hattering was brought to you by: Katt Williams and Eddie Izzard- truth and humor in flashes.
Im not linking the two, but I kind of am.

The dawning or awakening of a new generation of leaders.... huh. This is an interesting idea. That is coming around and was proclomated by the Miyans? Yeah, we are in for it. At least I fucking hope so with the moon slightly glowing and growling low, the earth tossing and turns in her fevered sleep.

You better get ready, and I don’t think you are ready yet. We are going into the eye of the storm people, friends, believers, prophets, death is coming in a way you are not expecting.

Our mad hatters are being chopped off, our alice’s are dying, our white queens are loosing their power, our red queens are getting worse, and our dormouse’s feel inadequate.

We as the lost living need a place to go to get away from all this stuff. We are going to the collective consciousness art stuff and being celebrities and those channels of fame and fucking fortune are toxic to our artists. Toxins breeding toxins. Mmmmm, not good.

So some relief from the pantheon about all of this madness.

Must be careful bout these suicide times... They seem to grow with idolization of apathy and I shiver and shake as my loved ones around the world vomit chemicals and prescription pills with such wretched sorrow.

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