This Chesire Cat is being Silent

Give me a left hand to write with and I will write,
always and forever,
as long as I can.
Till the dungeons sink me,
or rise above me.
To the heavens with you,
I will remain and fight,
to stamp out the darkness against the light,
the brethren together come,
totem and testimony,
I call you forth to unite,
gender perspectives all among you,
live as you are,
you prophets and beasts alike.

I can see the pentagon from here,
this astral view of Washington and London.
An interesting view from here,
so much to tell,
not time yet though.
Until our ladies and gentle gents
can smile in the sunshine,
This Cheshire Cat is being silent.
I hear that the Knights Templar
are business men now, hmmmm...
interesting choice of occupation.

This patriarchy castle is plastic beauty,
but I think it is time to burn it down.
There was no one inside of this floppy building,
you are doing no harm
to shake and shatter,
tear down these systems of oppression.

I take the pen to my fist and wrench
it out
of you,
of me,
of whomever is around,
I hope the weight then feels less,
on our tired shoulders.

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