Characters of Wonderland Chorus:Paranormal,Supernatural,&Spiritual

            All of the characters of Wonderland would like to unite and speak out against many things in particular. First, they will not change themselves for you so just give up on that. Second, if you can’t handle it then you should go chill awhile and come back and try again later. 

I can’t, as a writer, wait for you. Others are ready to move on and go to new heights and as a writer I must go on. I will not appeal to the lowest common denominator. There are more things to discuss, so many more things and I will continue, ever pressing onward to make sure all is written on the topics (for now) that I have to say about them.

            I recently wrote a poem and a line from it is: The Vampire in the watchtower will always follow the Muse to the basement. This, I have found in my wanderings is for the most part true. There is some crazy stuff out there. I thought I had seen it all and then with each new day, I am surprised again by the weirdness and craziness of men (humanity, men and women). 

            Some things in life never change: it is not easy and it always surprises you. My life has most definitely surprised me but you got to roll with the punches, as they say, and let your mind wander to humor and higher, more airy things.

            I am tired, my friends, to be pulled in so many ways (stretched thin as a this printed sheet) and to never seem to please everyone and all the time. I do not have the strength for all of this together, so you gonna have to fend for yourselves for awhile. I am trying to take care of myself in the most gentle way as to not be hurt again by the winds for the outside and the inside. 

Lord it is a hurricane in here, panting I shout out to the night. Poltergeists are an interesting topic and are frequently talked about among circles such as this one, paranormal are interesting up close, I have found. 
Ghosts and apparitions are critical energies around us that we need to pay attention to. I know some of you out there are epic skeptics and that’s fine... skip over this part then. 
             Some of us do believe that there are unknown dimensions, astral worlds, and supernatural beings that interact and spread their own energies around the world of the “real” or the living however you think of it. I don’t care how you phrase it, I have seen some weird shit in my time people. There is something going on out there. In dreams, in visions, in mind-work, and spiritual ascension stuff, I am going to explain a few examples of what I’ve seen and heard from other realms.

            I dated an alchemist remember so I had the dark arts inscribed on my body like no one’s business. I mean, it wasn’t all bad- but it was dark indeed. Then I talked about the ghost girl that followed me around for awhile. I saw her projected sitting next to my bed at my first college school. 

Another weird experience was I was laying in my bed and I had my eyes closed. I saw a hand come through the wall and over my face and I jumped and opened my eyes, of course nothing was there.

            I have seen visions (of events that happen) while doing spiritual work and taping into the collective conscious. I had a vision once of horses slain (decapitated)... I have described this earlier in here so I won’t go into the gritty details unless you ask me in person or you can go back and read it. 

I have experienced many out of body experiences (in dreams, lucid dreams, etc) and have seen flashes of the astral world, beings fighting or playing chess. I have seen big blue and red beings in the astral world working through their problems (which is probably good for them to do there... in a somewhat safe place). Some weird stuff going on out there.

            I saw a man in my bathtub the other day when I walked in. He was clothed (so no worries there) but he was sitting there- I describe how this felt earlier in here as well. He looked up at me, sort-of, and knew I think that we were not from the same plane, world, whatever you want to call it. I assure you readers, I knew that he was not really there... no worries, I am not crazy. 

But thanks for worrying about me heh. They don’t usually talk to me and if they try to I usually can’t understand them because they talk really, really fast. I have tried and written down things that I heard people say that come in to our room sometimes (not all that often... no worries again... its all good. I am not freaked out by it.) and I have those journals if you want me to post them and talk very specifics then we can do that. But for now, I shall continue.

            I want friends and family to know I mean no harm, I just need to write this out. I apologize for not going out or meeting you. I am working also on my paper for feminist theory too. Anyway, I have moved my energy (in a healer kind of way) over people to help if I can. I also feel that I open up charkas (different one’s for different people, I find). 

I don’t know, I am told I have an “it” factor whatever the hell that is. I do find that people follow me around (in some many ways I am not even going to explain suffice it to say.... astral following, projection, real people hook on to me, many people want me to save them, fix all of their problems, some are more sensitive to my needs and let me do my own thing sometimes). 

I channel so many things (musicians, characters, actors) I don’t know what’s gong on half the time heheh. I don’t mind. Channeling is probably already been talked about in here so I will move on to something else. Examples, there are many others. It is just hard to split them all in my mind and explain in a linear way enough that you can read and understand what I am trying to say.

 It’s difficult in this brain, lots of talking and it’s hard to get straight what I mean sometimes even to myself, no worries. I have seen shadows and dark figures (like almost dark fog... mist) walk through my apartment. I woke up one night in my house and saw a dark figured man standing over my bed beside me. That was a bit too queer for me and freaked me out a bit. I still do not know what that was. It’s alright though... I don’t think it is anything dangerous. 

You do not have to worry about your safety, just because it is something I cannot explain. This does not mean that it is some kind of bad, negative, dangerous thing. Just think about it. 

These things happen to me all the time. I am taken to other places, times, spaces, and it can be chaotic at best up there sometimes. These are just a few of my stories and explanations (hopefully a bit more clear) of experiences that I have had. 

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