I will cross lines to reach you...

Red seas rage in my mind,
coughing syrup I ran,
I drank soup
on winter days and clapped my hands
together to stay warmer.
I was flying and you were listening,
and I sang to you and wrote down thoughts,
fought through the fog for you to understand,
where I was, who I was.
At least remember that even if you forget yourself.
I can remind you of you.

I will cross lines to reach you,
battle for you, if you will,
in the sunlight.

Let me curve around you and look you up,
define me rhythms of the past,
the minds eye can be seen
through pictures of the dark and haunted places,
I will go through,
bleed almost to death,
to sink and regain consciousness,
remember who I am and who you are,
again and again,
until you understand.

Bow down to the serpent,
and she will respond in quick
tugs at the skin near your eyes,
a dark sermon must be preached now:
insert sermon content:

My Fellow Misfits and Transvestites,
Writers, Singers, Actors, and Movie Makers I say that I
aim please to have as many of you as I can find
to teach each other and learn from each other once again.
We are in need of strength and
peace of character, thank you.

I came quickly out of the labyrinth,
searching for the foxes and suicide droppers,
keep your hopes up my dear friends,
I know you are dreary.
Fights such as these and very hard,
struggle was bound to bound us and abound us.

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