A Channelers Sermon on the Mount

A sermon on the Mount (if you will):

Please allow me to write a few stanzas or lines about hard times. I pray, for you my readers and for myself, that when we have hit rock bottom and feel as if there is no farther down to go, I pray for you my brothers and my sisters that you have someone around to help you out. I hope you have a friend, a pastor, a girlfriend/boyfriend, a brother or sister that will be there that you can call (or someone can call for you).

I pray for you prophets and interests alike, all of us need a hand sometimes. I had an experience like that recently and I had people to call (or call for me) and talk and help me out when I was bluer than blue.... I hope that you out there have someone (or can even be luckily as I am and have several people) that has your back. It is so (sometimes too hard) to get through some of this stuff by one’s self.

I have been there. I have fought through the storm without any help at all and tried to do everything for myself (so I know what that is like) and it is rough... almost took my spirituality from me completely- almost spirit-less this body would have been, just machine or even parts. It was not pleasant so I understand.

You artists out there and activists, do-ers and shakers find you some good people, good people now not just any people, around you to help you out of the darkness. Teachers are included in this category as well.

Readers, I heard something most disturbing today. A professor of mine (I will not say who) said that she thought writing and teachers are not activism. I hardly and verbally on here disagree with this statement. I think reading this and writing this are both education that hopefully leads to activism.

The education system is exactly the same. If you are not sparking your students (at least a few of them) to do activist work then shame on you, we need students inspired and sparked to do something, fix something and do anything.

Don’t just disregard our work because it is written down or because it is spoken word passed down from teachers to their students (and hopefully teachers learn something as well). I absolutely think that this is activism. I was inspired to write this book and to write and submit that paper for Queer Theory and am reading on a panel at South Carolina University.

Teaching does make a difference. Writing is art. And I know art makes a difference. Art makes a difference in my life every day, the quality of life and not having to feel alone and wounded.

Also, you friends and lovers and helpers of artists and movers and shakers, you need some people too that help you out. I know that we can drive you crazy, so get some good people around you and you do some of the things you want to do as well. You have great power and wealth inside, beauty. I have not forgotten to mention you.

We will work things out. I’m not going to leave ya hanging even though I know I can be optimistic about such matters. I can’t resist the urge to say again: We will work your shit out. No worries...

The world is on fire. It is hard out there and in here and we need to start getting our people together. I have a bad feeling that it is only going to get worse. I will not give all my details but I feel the tension building and the hardships coming. So all this to say, we carry on. We are all still here, yes? I think so.

We trek on through God knows what but usually we come out on the other side. I care not how/who./whom/what you get for yourself to help you through it, but I do encourage you to get these things ready. I know I still pray when I’m scared but that is just me and some have these ways and some have others way.

It doesn’t make a bit of difference what your way of preparing is (not violent though) I say it is probably a good way to go. Just positive things, things to add to your life, help you get through. We all have to get through somehow. Once again, comedic relief I find very helpful, a variety of songs and movies, stand up, ya know other stuff too. You do what you gotta do.

I want to add some funny stuff in here, come to think of it. I want you to laugh in your seats for a moment and take your worries off your shoulders. I am not usually a comic among most people... I am very sarcastic and “bitchy” I guess some call me... but hopefully it makes you laugh and if it does, that job is done.

I invoke the spirits of the north, south, east, and west cosmic sources to channel or otherwise dazzle and most giggle or gossip a bit at least on how crazy this sounds all coming from the same person: tell your friends, I don’t mind.

Chemicals are crystallizing in a very odd sort of Dr. Seuss kind of way... They flutter in the wind like ash or snow... chimneys under which people sit and cuddle together or write or listen to music alone and make wonders, do wonderful changing things.

I thought your comprehension as well as mine was pretty good, and we can do something with this, together without green pastures to roam in and always sing happy songs of life and happiness. We like to get our hands dirty a bit. I know I do. I love a challenge and a way to fight through and make it and be stubborn as hell about it.

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