Kali's Spirit

Kali’s spirit seemed
to softly land,
surprisingly enough,
lifting clouds
of chaos as if
veils from on
top of my head,
the moon
shone bright
dripping down from
the sky to
its own reflection
in pure ecstasy
deep into the ocean
with smiles
turning to laughter,
and the
trees seemed
to notice,
they move along
to the singing
throat vibrations
that fell off
my green-tongued scales
and rhapsodied notes,
hierophant and
third-eyed hands
talking in their sleep
of dreams,
planes of heaven
on earth,
I still believed
absolutely always,
in miracles,
even when stuck
in pits of asphalt
with burning toxins,
being poured on skulls,
crossbones and crows,
eating flesh,
stomach upsets,
I coughed and spat out
that violence
shoved at you,
at me,
and dance,
very firmly in the sunshine,
in streams and
deep caverns
with splendor,
in tandem
tantric collective,
holy sisters,
sacred brothers,
reverent fathers,
wisdom mothers,
strongly yet humbly
we stomp the earth
in great thanks and celebration,
for the birthing
from weeping wombs,
carnal serenades,
green colors
to the worlds end and
stars and angels,
love and light
be with you,
Kali and her

Body Pulse

To be eaten out,
ravaged and lavished
wicked tongues upon me,
alive again,
if I can recall it correctly,
for a moment’s breath,
close my eyes
with sighs
of awe and mortality,
without remorse,
against the carpeted walls
and hardwood floors,
hallowed spaces
of earthen measure.

Your hot
liquid breaths quicken,
lapping up my juicy innocence,
sucking me free,
taking me home,
well at least harkening me back to my normative
supernatural state,
the sanctuary haven where I belong,
pouring my inhibitions out like
Michigan drizzle in July,
Im soaking down your albatross mouth,
you crave so harsh
and filthy
my dripping pleasure
for you to swallow
like carnal carnivals,
whiskey stings,
erotic vibrations
pound the walls of your skull
within a butterfly within your skull
and back again,
orgasm gasps,
clawing the air with fuck motions
and rolling oceans,
teeth on tits,
drinking me down dirty,
leaving marks
of taste and
time it takes for
me to forget
my brains
demons howling low,
scratching my insides,
and the pain he broke through
on my brittle bones.

I knew
you could
tenderly etch
new patterns,
maybe melodies
of lips to hips,
each curve
entangled with
your hurricane hands,
oh so gently,
for a moment,
if you could
bare to slow
it down a measure,
cut time in
half with
a silver salty spoon,
run tips of fingers
over the arches
of my neck’s horizon,
shoulder lines
that quiver slightly
in delight,
breasts that tremble
at the thought,
the belly
that hungers
deep for thrusts
sex energy all the way up the spine,
to the head and explode,
and back down again,
womb to toes
quaking in the
wake of you,
round me lay and wait,
give and take me
with force then
supple pulses,
mouth brushes my
ear in whispered tones
as I melt toward you
with a moan that oozes out of me
by surprise,
tumbling together forward,
begging hard,
slippery slopes,
caves and poundings,
tight screams,
ride me with thick cocks,
fingers and hands and teeth,
fuck me gentle and smooth and rough and vamp,
between the sunrise,
through the cum and the pain and the
through the water and moonlight,
the carpenters, the wenches at the doorstep,
mousetraps and beetles and rock bands with
bad publicists,
lanterns and foreshadowing divine.
I want you all in,
all of you between my veins and bones and blood,
fill me up with the beast in you,
then begin again.

Dream Wars

Birthing water pixies
in my tortured sleep,
I woke up
tossing and turning
with the
womb pains
of a new age,
learning phoenix lessons,
rough and hazardous,
picking my poisons,
drinking your nectars,
over and under,
beyond and in between,
the lights of cities and cigarettes,
sheets spread wide and waking open
like legs,
gasping for divinity,
out on the slippery floors
in the flats of London town.

I was the heroine
to escape you
from the silence
that ate you,
gulped you down
like coffins and coffee
in the morning,
before anyone
was up,
even the sky,
and I just wanted
to be saved
from this harsh earth,
get me out
of here,
oh the pain,
I cant bare
it anymore,
my head tis so sore
from the sight.

Siren, Be Still

I was ferociously singing
and bursting forth
with solar systems
in my thrusting veins,
liquid humming with
sensual cinnamon vapors
that licked their third eyes lightly,
molten rolling waves
of healing coursing through me
towards the broken ones
I saw crying in restaurant bathrooms
and throwing up after late night affairs,
pulsing over your body in ancient rhymes
and chants that I recalled
from ages long passed and died away,
moon under a different sky,
before humanity was born and
the earth, she talked more then.

Thus the wounded dragons
succumbed to
my siren scent
with lonely on their mouths
that I understood
from my walks in the dark sky alone,
and I mirrored a red eyed pleasure
mixed with a true utopian
feeling of safety
I held within my womb
a magic,
also deep in my serpent throat,
and at the base of the cosmic spine,
so drink from my rippling
wishing well,
come purge your tortured
twisted histories,
waxed candles
dripped to eyelids,
guardian angels of the
shadowed things,
you came with your
scars and your deep cuts
that I kissed
with tears you never saw
me shed,
only in dreams,
prayed myself insane
for your poor beaten faces,
bruised souls,
weakened tangled lights
that flickered almost out at moments
and scared me,
and spirits chained
to cellar doors
in my visions
that kept me up
past the night
and into the morning.
So I made love to the holes
in your desperate hurting head
and soothed the pain that I could,
just before you
gave a sly wink,
excused yourself for a moment
to talk ego and sex to the
smooth girl on the other end of the line
in your starship mind
and you left me,
meat-hooked still
to the stark naked headboard. 

Sex and the Alchemist

Oh please now,
let me come on in,
down inside your eyelids,
sinking low
and subtle slow,
to the thrusting space
between your hips,
my head and
split open
by the alchemists light,
found in the deep,
inside the fury earth,
yet also within my molten womb,
resurrecting musing moans,
I melted back
into your beating chest,
and we rocked and hurricaned
so easy whilst together,
slowly in and out and inside me,
your hands bled freely
from my thorny skin,
I sucked the blood up
through the rafters,
left you pinned against the wall
with gasps of pleasure,
then we stray,
your hands to my
down my arms,
sending a shiver up and down me,
soaking bedsheets,
sex screams
and tree whispers
fissured through
my dreams
leaving me
weary walking
absent-minded talking,
lushly lurking
in the daylight,
rounding corners,
unexpected hallways,
into your periphery.

I stared you down
in the mirror,
with such heavy
syrup sighs,
drink and fill up
your mouth
with my
keep sacred
the moon,
her lover
the sandstorm,
her worshipers,
the rivers
that slurred
their sanities
ever onward
to the ocean.