Sex and the Alchemist

Oh please now,
let me come on in,
down inside your eyelids,
sinking low
and subtle slow,
to the thrusting space
between your hips,
my head and
split open
by the alchemists light,
found in the deep,
inside the fury earth,
yet also within my molten womb,
resurrecting musing moans,
I melted back
into your beating chest,
and we rocked and hurricaned
so easy whilst together,
slowly in and out and inside me,
your hands bled freely
from my thorny skin,
I sucked the blood up
through the rafters,
left you pinned against the wall
with gasps of pleasure,
then we stray,
your hands to my
down my arms,
sending a shiver up and down me,
soaking bedsheets,
sex screams
and tree whispers
fissured through
my dreams
leaving me
weary walking
absent-minded talking,
lushly lurking
in the daylight,
rounding corners,
unexpected hallways,
into your periphery.

I stared you down
in the mirror,
with such heavy
syrup sighs,
drink and fill up
your mouth
with my
keep sacred
the moon,
her lover
the sandstorm,
her worshipers,
the rivers
that slurred
their sanities
ever onward
to the ocean. 

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