Dream Wars

Birthing water pixies
in my tortured sleep,
I woke up
tossing and turning
with the
womb pains
of a new age,
learning phoenix lessons,
rough and hazardous,
picking my poisons,
drinking your nectars,
over and under,
beyond and in between,
the lights of cities and cigarettes,
sheets spread wide and waking open
like legs,
gasping for divinity,
out on the slippery floors
in the flats of London town.

I was the heroine
to escape you
from the silence
that ate you,
gulped you down
like coffins and coffee
in the morning,
before anyone
was up,
even the sky,
and I just wanted
to be saved
from this harsh earth,
get me out
of here,
oh the pain,
I cant bare
it anymore,
my head tis so sore
from the sight.

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