The Serpent Queen

Swarms of bees
hovered in the corners
of my weary storm bedroom walls,
heaven closed
for scaffolding repairs,
I drank energy from
your holy water,
though ever lonely
in my waking
dreams of the moon,
your hands teasing out my tenderness,
kissing me lightly
like brush strokes,
soft skin and
lips to hard nipples,
heads and eyes
rolled like heavy waters,
liquid arching backs
to the ceiling of cathedrals,
through the rafters,
healing energy,
pulsing full clits with cum,
squirting cunts
and hard thick cocks
screaming in pleasure
to the sky.
Tease slow
with deep fucks
and crowning moments,
groans turned to spirit chants,
my fingers
reached out in worship,
of the earth,
your tongue,
finding every hidden
moan from
the serpent queen inside of me.

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