Kali's Spirit

Kali’s spirit seemed
to softly land,
surprisingly enough,
lifting clouds
of chaos as if
veils from on
top of my head,
the moon
shone bright
dripping down from
the sky to
its own reflection
in pure ecstasy
deep into the ocean
with smiles
turning to laughter,
and the
trees seemed
to notice,
they move along
to the singing
throat vibrations
that fell off
my green-tongued scales
and rhapsodied notes,
hierophant and
third-eyed hands
talking in their sleep
of dreams,
planes of heaven
on earth,
I still believed
absolutely always,
in miracles,
even when stuck
in pits of asphalt
with burning toxins,
being poured on skulls,
crossbones and crows,
eating flesh,
stomach upsets,
I coughed and spat out
that violence
shoved at you,
at me,
and dance,
very firmly in the sunshine,
in streams and
deep caverns
with splendor,
in tandem
tantric collective,
holy sisters,
sacred brothers,
reverent fathers,
wisdom mothers,
strongly yet humbly
we stomp the earth
in great thanks and celebration,
for the birthing
from weeping wombs,
carnal serenades,
green colors
to the worlds end and
stars and angels,
love and light
be with you,
Kali and her

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