Siren, Be Still

I was ferociously singing
and bursting forth
with solar systems
in my thrusting veins,
liquid humming with
sensual cinnamon vapors
that licked their third eyes lightly,
molten rolling waves
of healing coursing through me
towards the broken ones
I saw crying in restaurant bathrooms
and throwing up after late night affairs,
pulsing over your body in ancient rhymes
and chants that I recalled
from ages long passed and died away,
moon under a different sky,
before humanity was born and
the earth, she talked more then.

Thus the wounded dragons
succumbed to
my siren scent
with lonely on their mouths
that I understood
from my walks in the dark sky alone,
and I mirrored a red eyed pleasure
mixed with a true utopian
feeling of safety
I held within my womb
a magic,
also deep in my serpent throat,
and at the base of the cosmic spine,
so drink from my rippling
wishing well,
come purge your tortured
twisted histories,
waxed candles
dripped to eyelids,
guardian angels of the
shadowed things,
you came with your
scars and your deep cuts
that I kissed
with tears you never saw
me shed,
only in dreams,
prayed myself insane
for your poor beaten faces,
bruised souls,
weakened tangled lights
that flickered almost out at moments
and scared me,
and spirits chained
to cellar doors
in my visions
that kept me up
past the night
and into the morning.
So I made love to the holes
in your desperate hurting head
and soothed the pain that I could,
just before you
gave a sly wink,
excused yourself for a moment
to talk ego and sex to the
smooth girl on the other end of the line
in your starship mind
and you left me,
meat-hooked still
to the stark naked headboard. 

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