Click, click, clacking,
radios spinning
in wonderment
at vowels
spat out
by my tongue alone,
in the night
as I dream

Orgasming out
sex dolls,
juicing flames,
forked fucks,
confused laughs,
harmonic whispers,
erect philosophies,
sensual shamans,
pagans named
in different
whirlwind time,
boots set ever so delicately,
on the floor,
after banging and blitzed,
pressed backs
against cupboards,
titillating the glassware,
scratch marks
down the lily and violet
to the left of the bay window,
honeydew holiday
breakfast nook,
we moaned together,

though then I flashed to my
inner mockingbird harlequin,
stained with
crumbling castles,
cruel alchemy
performed on top of me,
tortured apothecaries
poisoned elixirs tested
out on my breath,
my sex,
my bones broken,
and blood
bled dry,
round and round
we go,
with the wrath and miracles,
merry go weary,
and I wondered
if even the ceiling fan
would bother to care,
would remember my name,
when I go
quietly and quickly
from here
with a shudder
and a lick of my Cheshire lips,
a mad hatter shake of my hips.
Goodbye alice,
oh how I miss you
in the mists and the sun. 

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