I Knelt Down

I knelt down
in reverence
to the river,
tender kisses
on the curves
of her
ebbs and flows.

It was heartbreaking though,
to watch
bodies and spirits,
beat out
our own traumas
on each other’s bones,
patterns repeating
their virus glitches,
malicious verbage
and cruel bloodied marks,
profane hypocrites
reciting sacred odes
yet spitting sadistic
eulogies during
birthing rites.
Couldn’t bare the sight of it,
no honey, Im sorry but Ive just already
wept so much today.

Mmm breath,
slow down now,
hush the rough,
halt the constant
proving of fancy fucking,
predictable games and
classes in cool
with their
tight-assed smiles,
stupid smoker habits,
nodding heads at all the right shoes
and accessories,
laughing at bad jokes
that no one in the room even understands.

Instead my dear,
explore the sensuality
of each space
between single notes
in cut times
and quickened heartbeats,
pulses throbbing in sync,
soaking pussies,
erect nipples,
quick sighs,
sarcastic rhymes,
Kama Sutra salutations,
in graveyards,
over mountaintops,
between soft thighs,
lips supple and
give rest
and sanctuary from the
world’s harsh turnings,
violent lashings out
of power
lust media
wrath iron
suckled pigs
of state and gold.
They cease to rule
once you choose
to be free
of that drenched
dripping poisoned
shaped nails,
greed faking happy,
lust faking love,
and oh how power means
fucking nothing but
a bad tagline wrapped in tinsel.

So I lifted up my
third eye high
and slept low
and in
with the moon
moaning ecstasy
into the night,
then snuggled down deep
into the ocean,
re-learning to breathe.

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