The Breathing Habits of Dragons

Insides electric,
I was wild within and
without your permission,
dragon head leaping
forth from my ravenous mouth
like smoke does
when it’s lusting onward,
passion heaving and breathing,
sizzling through
my aching
deep throughout me
until I’m drenched in
senses and sexual embers
that ooze and surge inward,
then seep and etch outward
onto your sultry skin,
bold bodies intoxicate,
intertwine in raunchy reveries,
into the streams,
turning to erotic rivers,
deep under the oceans,
swiftly upwards to the stars that cross the
universe spaces and expand
like hallelujahs,
exaltations to the ethers
of grand sex sounds,
rhetorical orgasms,
drunken stupors,
neurotic heretic angels rejoicing,
mistletoe bastards
waving insults and fake promises,
caffeine headaches
adding to my already throbbing,
pounding thrusting fornicating intuition
that leaves me silent,
mouth shut quiet in the daytime,
just my raven eyes staring into your head,
the sweet surrendering alchemy of your chemistry,
that subtle voodoo tells me in whispers,
haunts my hallowed dreams with screaming,
much more than I ever wanted to know,
and so forth……

Thus I gave in,
time and bruised
soul time again,
with a whimper
to the west
and time travel
taken into
account what with the
tempest traffic sirens and patterns
and the kinky freakshow weather,
handcuffed still to the headboard.

I laughed up
rafters shaking,
quaking in
sensual serenity,
making love to
the moment,
moaning low,
sighs quicken
the beating heart
and I reclaim my
name and nature
in the eye of the storm.