I Painted You

I painted you red
and purple twisted reverence
on walls,
dimly lit bathroom stalls,
kitchenettes with twittering birds,
without any questions as to why
or answers really,
just a deep
burning pain
and a head cough.

of course deary,
there were always
scars to talk of,
fire licking,
from my fingerprints
while I moved slowly,
curved and caressed
water and earth,
never to break,
just to be
frothing on the
inner thighs of the sea.

Oh my gentle mistresses and misters,
have no hurtful worries
for your pain
and furry
subsides with
the tides and
churnings of
breaths deep and sensual,
heavy burdens
like snow melting
on the tongue,
slipping subtle down the throat,
thrusting within
till the moon shines,
the raven cries,
tantric whispers in ears,
hairs stand to attention,
beats harkened
to the dawn
as if we would
never be seen again
through the serpent’s
almighty squinting eye.

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