The Vampire Trials: Sex Magic and Deliverance

The Vamp Trials: An exercise of making love the moving the body
Closing my eyes, I will explain sex to my forefathers and a learned paranormal phobia that I have taught to masters of both math and music through the ages. Red lines angry to pump the blood out of your heart-beat to the base of your spine, the opening to which all is invested (among them, other fragments of my former self and teeth set to the chorus of Madonna and Magistrate).

I suck on the heads of state, the radiator beckons me further into the underworld which I always accept with a shy grin and a quiet glance backward, staring you straight in the mouth. Home prophetic, I walked into strobe light and fever. don’t follow me unless you can stand straight up in a room of drowning seraphim and the lust-making lucky dogs that we are.

Slowly relapsing into antiquity, the rules migrate due to the time change and that man still stands at the bar- sweeping the energy field with his eyes across that checkerboard dance and landing strip, I am unrested and headless to the supernaturals to come.
Sweat flashes through my seizing brain- liquor and suspension. I bring the irreverent night into being, relapse light for a second hand and call to me for a journey through your nervous system whenever you have the time.

Driving me on, I touch that gentle spot at the back of your neck. Tempt me again to feel myself inside you, lifting up the desert storm sensation that thumps with the masks and demons in the dark. I follow the crowd to pleasure and sit in the back rooms of this hallowed out ground of performativity and profound expansion of the mind, legs spread open and we move to the beat that was brought to us by the renaissance makers and lover takers in the agility that has been forgotton by the machine nation-states and their lovely virgin daughters, not for long and as ever.

I, hunted and alone, gave in to a thrashing about the waist and I will allow three questions each from the dark crowd of unison voices in lower octaves than my senses could hear with ears of a delicate human balance and mind fucking from across the room. A lesson learned for all of us with the time bearers and the funeral homes taking the day off. I might suggest a healing time as well if the right moment comes through with the moon in line with the pot smokers’ legal rights as of yet undefined by surplus and demand.

There was no legislation to conform to in the valley of hypertension and mass shadings of the rhetorical cheapening of my fragrances. I was on the stand for another droll entertainment series on vampires and their effects on modern social protocols. I ask you, the harm in recognizing that I can stiffen the appetite- switch the directional flows of blood like lava on a planet that is not quite like ours. I meant to keep the sex magic sacred and not understood. Talent had its own perceptions and demands for cash and credit.

A heavy enemy was depth perception, reality fit into a glass jar that I caught fireflies in when I was a kid in the cold-blooded nation. I smelled damnation like rains coming up from the everglades.

Stay all night and lick it out of me, my story of hissing and apothecary resistance to the pills that close my mind to higher sex symbols and fornication. Breaking rules like ice cubes out of a faucet, I imagine your legs wrapped around me- twisting figures and fingers. I came to an understanding, dripping vessels that sail away when the morning surrenders to the vampire qualities of torrent nightfall.

I will leave when I am damn ready and have had my fill of the movements of conversation and the strippers on their time off, flickering, their eyes wish me to take them home at night and settle their battles over the naked bodies that wrap in and around the sheets that never lay between us. Only flesh to be felt and lived in, experimenting with silence and language of bodies giving up to heightened pleasures and senses not yet used in this generation.

Listen to the breath of a new age, a living creature to take over and we shall play again in the dank and the unknown. A new meeting place, fresh and molded bodies together- reliving past exploits and reading erotica out loud, touching myself without crime or fearful mockingbirds singing to the procession of the living to the basement where new monoliths are made and taken for granted.

Meet me here again sometime if your desire finds you in need of something more than you expected, fresh breath from your head to your toes that are weak from strong orgasms all night long. Lucky for you, I am nothing like a lady and will beg you to stay the summer, hot nights and cold sweating bats fly over the rafters of my ecstasy. I dare you to linger with mouth and falling freestyle to the edge of the world. 

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