Veiled from the rear window,
I sucked out the horrorshow of the master and the slave.
Were you miscarried by divinity,
careful- she heads to witness the tired angels
that are awake only
when you are ready to go to bed,
they stay up to guard you from the truly awesome
grisly houses that await us
in the nether life.

Every ether in the cosmos consumed,
the shelf hung up for the afternoon,
keep your distance from me,
a nights worth of peroxide and rat poison,
trees gossip that the queen-ship is over,
carriages dismantled and eaten by wolves.

Blood light given through nectar, woven cross time
identity transubstantiates the services that the government can profound
out of us, slide shows and coffins to dine in,
 without place or purchase.

Spotlight it out of me,
synchronize the levels of insanity-
the lengths one is too ready to leave forsaken
and we craved to surrender arms,
it will at least be a show for you to witness
and discuss with your head later.
Inertia can be bargained avec,
lust was a stranger to no one that I had met
thus far in my trips to circumstance.
Chaos still raining, I kept to the fifth amendment,
coursing through canyons on the underbelly of the earth,
lizard crawling on its stomach.

It came from a place of orphans and mistletoe,
a lone child sit in the stands
coughing up blood like a man of ninety-eight.

I entered the roped-off event,
naked and promising to be wet by the end of the evening.
Myths come true in the shade we are under,
in ends of times paraphernalia.
We suffer the loss of habit,
but I give up under pressure and succumb to the
wantings of a strange world, exotic and peripheral. 

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