Fuck Out: Posted for Adults Only

It was the purpose of being that I am not sure of, now at least, maybe until coming of new trials and ideas that mankind is just holes in the ground, shedding former selves, baking in ovens of plaster- fresh mint in gardens, tears and kisses- tars and misses fucking in bathroom stalls with “one of the band.”

Lipstick in one pocket and ten dollars in the other, she will tell this story later, He was gender confused and so was she drunk off whiskey sours, I don’t know what he was on- she didn’t ask. I can only telll you- what she told me. He was from Chicago- tight punk ass with eyeliner and he brought his guitar with him. It stood on the doorframe and could tell you more than what I heard. Good luck getting a word, a loyal beast are guitars and strings. He kept his mouth shut (and rightly so).

This boy slid his hand up her skirt, running his fingers over her thighs and she shook, slightly, and came just a little from being drunk and adrenaline pumping from grinding already. Bars and lush aside, they stop a moment. Her back on the door, his one hand pressed against the door next to her head, the other round the small of her back, pulsing close to eachother, blood pumping from vein to vein like a railroad station in chaos.

He thumps into her and she is already to go. Fresh and sweaty, they are alone (besides the guitar who may get dripped on). She willingly pulls down her tights and keeps her high heals on, not worried on ceremony.

Fucks later would be slower and more desperate. She will make you wait and then give it to you slow and hard until you pant and beg again into the night. Tonight, was pants unzipped, underwear slipped off and put in his back pocket of his pants.

She is wet and he is hard and both are ready to escape the world even for a moment. He sinks into her and she moans with pleasure that cannot be heard over the beats from outside this bathroom stall, quite a nice and clean one at that. She starts to drip and it travels down her legs and his cock.

He thrusts into her slow and hard as of yet, pulling in and out of her like a carnivale animal, wantings had turned to need in the months before. She cums once as he is sensitive and throbbing inside her, steady and holding in the urge to cum himself. She does in fact drip a bit on the guitar case, he doesn’t mind and neither does the guitar.

He starts to kiss her hard, down from lips to neck and her nipples become very hard as he bites and sucks them. She it moving more and more now, back to that door that’s shaking the whole bathroom, he slips his dick in and out of her all the way and then becomes so hard he can’t help but watch himself fuck her hard and deep, getting faster and faster. This girl is tight and he works to keep her hot and opening up even more.

Now, he is finding it easy to fuck her- he feels the cum pulling up his cock, and his pre cum is felt inside her, and she cums even harder to feel how quickly he starts once they are inside each other.
            Then they hold on to one another as they both cum hard together. Grabbing the door frame she shakes and he falls on top of her. She keeps him standing holding him and then putting him on his knees. “If you suck me off, I cam ejaculate long and harder than you- I can assure you. If you want it, you can go for it,” she says.
He starts to lick and suck her clit and she moans into his face. There is so much build up from a night like this that she can hardly stand. He holds her up now, and she stiffens and groans even louder now. “Fuck,” is all she can stammer out.

Her body can’t help but rock back and forth, grabbing his hair and pushing him in closer to her. Rushing and hot sweat and sweet cum squirts out just as he pulls away. She is exhausted and he sits down on the floor. Both fix their outfits and get them selves re-adjusted, and let’s meet here again sometime?


  1. ...like a railroad station in chaos.... love the imagery!

  2. Thank you! life's a game that is for sure...

  3. only if you get on that train..... ;D

  4. i agree, the imagery was awesome...