Desires of Mary (Erotica)

I gave in to the desires of Mary, flowing in and out of her like water through skin. 
Welcome to the world of illusion and dream work, 
fantasies played out slow, steady, 
and healing our extremities in the colder climates. 
I cum and shout out time over eternity again, 
cold and hard melodies that pulse through my body,
quaking death and resurrection. 
Wanting your mouth on me so bad that I will open up for you and let you take control, 
totally and completely to watch me get wet and dripping.

I write juices,
in and out,
it just runs slowly,
 and the ink mixes all alike with my moans that shake the rafters of this fair assembly. 
 I already orgasm hard even before you suck me off. 
I’d love for you to be so turned on by my intense pleasure that you can’t help but touch yourself. 
I want so much to run my hands all over you that I don’t know how much longer I can wait. 
And you haven’t even fucked me yet. 

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