Creep the Freak

Forget the synthesized method of communication that you were trained as a baby for, with the doctor on speed dial you may still run astray from the messenger that came to reapply the product of breathing. The jester bows to the Magus and I swore she spat gore and for-knowledge of the underneath water groans,

 the tower falls into the arms of its lover and never remembers to wring the hands of the watchtower when it is her time to tell the truth to the night. The sand harms the watchmen like a butterfly dancing on a hot witch doctor’s hat as he hands out prescriptions for new shoes and a waistcoat from 1927

 (which is still being hanged in my closet)- the watchmen sit on the train in silence. We are all waiting for something to happen whilst we slumber and cough.

Above the screaming children, I sat in my favorite tree and watched the old men walk by in their sneakers and blue shorts- all wearing the high socks and swinging their arms from side to gander the flower, the brick pathway: I saw the laugh of old eyes and memorized the body language of everyone walking by.

 The swan believing itself to be a frog, hopped in its flatfoot feet and croaked into the morning air, waddling with the swine, they discuss the afternoon tea and the uncanny disappearance of all the mushrooms that used to sit and chat in my front yard, just below my swinging tree.

I miss you when the moon is out, you seem to hang there like a shadowed light and I wish you could hear me from your height. Call out against the warfare sirens, the gods shake their fists and are getting bored: we are ever just the chess players and game watchers. Feathers float down from the birch trees and I kept looking up and never saw that damn bird fall from sky to a branched suicide, caged we sometimes feel as if we see nothing that is standing and gloating in front of us.

Gender confused and fervently queer, I cater to the unknown- creep the freak in the head and through the body, we electric each other into other dimensions. I gave a sigh and went through the smoke shutters and the ice pick to enter in to the shadows under the carpet. Never knowing what you may find in this average musky setting- tree trunks with lightening marks where fire surged through the insides, lip gloss lovers, candied apples and a feeling of playing pool in the basement.

I think I’d rather further along my own way, narrowing the eyes of many and the lungs of others in the crowds in my bedroom today. The mixture hardens with the rest, the mad hatter will take off his hat and listen to all motions of the court- one by one and not so loudly- I know everyone has something to say about everything. Wait your turn.

My ears are only so big and my brain not much bigger. My third eye is like a volcano of expressions, channels, personalities, characters and the like. You and I are always going to be different, just the way things are.

The three wine and dine together, split me and her, we stand sacred and alone. That was at least how it felt when I was awake and asleep, I can’t speak for the in between. The grey areas usually speak for themselves. Tangerines were just not enough in the midst of all this, more aid would be nice.

You know lady gaga, Ive got to say Im starting to wonder why “I Like It Rough” as well. I didn’t want it this rough. People hating all over and many times people I did not expect. However, two can play cards. Chess is a two person monster that I am prepared to play out. Wrath has nothing on me. I ate him and then rambled on. 

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